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Triangles & Ponytails Natural Hair Tutorial

natural hairstyles for little black girls
Brown Girls Hair

This hairstyle looks way harder than what it is! This is very easy to do if you follow my video tutorial of it! There are so many different ways you can go with parting the hair from using this as your base.

*Parting Tips*

Use her facial features as your guide. (eyes, nose, ears, etc)
Use a Pin Tale comb to get your parts straight.
Take your time & be patient.

Hair Accessories Used: The Bead Barrette

Always remember you may not get it perfect the first time, but keep trying. The more you style her hair the better you become each try. Trust me, that’s how I’ve come as far as I have. I’m not perfect either, I just do my best and roll with it!

Thanks to Dana and Skylar for allowing me to play in your hair and post it for other Brown Girls to enjoy!

More Unique Parts?


Hair Carnival Nautral Girls Multi Platinum Ponytails

Hi Girlies!!

I committed to be apart of the Copy Cat Hair Carnival that took place last week. I hold my head down in shame because I am a week late posting this due to issues that aren’t necessary to mention. The point is, it’s late, but I will raise my head to say that I am a woman of my word. So although it is late, I am still posting as promised.

I copied this style from the talented mom of Goldilocks*n*Me! I didn’t just use one particular style. I combined several ideas from some of her wonderful styles posted in her facebook style gallery! She has some of the most creative styles that I have seen and I absolutely enjoyed copying her!

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Brown Girls Hair
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Brown Girls Hair
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Brown Girls Hair
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Brown Girls Hair

Thanks Brook, of Untrained Hair Mom, for allowing me to participate!